Release 0.4.4 (TL'12) [April 2012]
	* Fix crash caused by Qt when adding lines at the beginning of a document
	* Fix search/replace for multi-line strings
	* Work around layout issues which cause lines to disappear
	* Fix building with BSD make
	* Fix block selection of last paragraph
	* Fix overwrite of "Find all occurrences" option

	* Improve "Unable to execute..." error dialog
	* Rename "Show/Hide Output Panel" to "Show/Hide Console Output" in the menu
	  and the preferences dialog
	* Remove subject and add instructions to body of the "email to mailinglist"
	* Bring the window running TeX to the top at the beginning of typesetting to
	  ensure that the console output is visible
	* Allow symlinks and display only folders in "path for programs" in the
	  preferences dialog
	* Add "Clear Recent Files" to "Open Recent" menu
	* Add an autocompletion entry to the preferences dialog
	* Add Lua(La)TeX to the default tools (and drop LaTeXmk by default)
	* Add an option to open log files
	* Add CMake support (experimental)
	* Update SyncTeX to version 1.17
	* Update URLs to

	* Some enhancements to functions available to scripting
	* Avoid showing an empty message box for script results
	* Resolve symlinks when looking for scripts
	* Expose the scripts' titles, authors, filenames, etc. to scripting
	* Update/improve scripts: open pdf in default viewer, derive spellchecking
	  language from babel package, log parser